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Oct 10, 2019


Author - Alison Richmond, Provention. Intelligent Movement, Safer Workplaces Provention is a Shiftwork Services Alliance Partner . There are many components of a successful manual handling programme. One successful outcome is people having safe movement habits when performing physical activities - be it work or out of work. One of the vital…

Oct 04, 2019


Author - Fiona Johnston Anyone who works night shifts knows how hard it can be to focus and to be honest – just stay awake. At Shiftwork Services we recommend a review of three key areas that can help you stay awake at night.

Sep 30, 2019


Author - Fiona Johnston Sticking to a healthy sleep pattern can be tough for anyone but for shiftworkers is just about impossible. Working nights, on call, and early starts all upset the body clock and increase the risk of physical health problems, mental health issues accidents and incidents.

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