Staff and Management Training

Living with Shiftwork and The 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success® 

This workshop provides vital information around managing shiftwork and fatigue. We will also teach your teams the 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success®.  Our most popular course, Living with Shiftwork has been completed by over 12,000 shiftworkers.  


  • Why is shiftwork different to day work?
  • Overview of causes and risks of workplace fatigue
  • Sleep architecture and the impact of working shifts
  • Developing a personalised action plan using The 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success®

Pillar 1 – Sleep management, day or night
Pillar 2 – Occupational alertness, science to the rescue
Pillar 3 – Keeping active, benefits to body and brain
Pillar 4 – Work-life balance, finding time for you, family and leisure activities


Roster Design – Balancing business needs with safety concerns and personal preferences 

This is for anyone involved with roster design or teams thinking about changing their roster.
  • Introduction to key components of a quality roster
  • Review of fatigue management – business responsibilities and staff responsibilities
  • A bio- mathematical approach to assessing hours of work
  • Pros and cons of roster patterns including length and timing of shifts
  • Task risks and implications of roster pattern
  • Round table discussion and action plan


Getting A Good Sleep

Sleep is fundamental to physical and mental health – yet many of us just don’t get enough sleep. This workshop explores the value of a good sleep, common barriers to getting the sleep we need and provides a formula to develop a personal sleep plan.


  • What is sleep and why do we need it
  • Benefits of a good sleep
  • Common sleeping disorders and what to do about them
  • Action plan for a restful sleep


Kete for Health Professionals

One-hour presentation about sleep management for health professionals


  • What is sleep and why do we need it
  • Sleep architecture and the importance of sleep cycles
  • Common sleep problems in clinical practice
  • Three paper-based sleep assessments for health professionals to use with clients
  • Using a sleep menu to simplify sleep management with your clients
  • Developing a sleep management plan with measurable outcomes

Ask about the complementary 15 minute add on about assessing fatigue


Fatigue Risk Management Systems

How to set up a Fatigue Risk Management System to reduce fatigue risk, improve safety and performance and measure key performance indicators.


  • What managers need to know about fatigue risk
  • Assessing fatigue risk using a risk engineering framework
  • Using a bio-mathematical approach to assess actual hours of work and rostered hours of work
  • Fatigue management policy considerations – beyond compliance  


Safe, Healthy Productive Shiftworkers – Masterclass.

Key information about managing the unique challenges faced by shiftworking organisations including managing fatigue, best practice roster design and the role of training to help keep your shiftworking teams safe, healthy, and productive.  

Download Masterclass pdf HERE.




Pricing  – 2022
T01 Half day staff wellness workshops Maximum 14 participants $2000 per group
T02 One hour seminar No limit on number $1000 per group
T03 Train the Trainer Discount on groups $1500 per person
T04 License fee to deliver SWS courses Included in Train the Trainer $450 per anum
T05 Full day Shiftwork Masterclass Discount on groups $800 per person
T06 Sleep Kete Discount on groups $120 Per person
T07 One hour review and planning meeting Maximum 4 participants $350 per group
T08 Small group training per hour Minimum 5 participants $150 per person
T09 Full day management training Maximum 14 participants $3000 per day
B01 Shiftwork handbook Paper version $15 per book
B02 Shiftwork handbook PDF – License to print 1 book $10 per book
B03 Shiftwork handbook PDF – license to print – up to 15 $100 per anum
B04 Shiftwork handbook PDF – license to print – up to 50 $200 per anum
B05 Getting A Good Night’s Sleep – Book Discount if more than 10 ordered $25 per book
B06 Wellness fliers PDF – license to print and distribute $20 per flier
S01 Supervision one-off session $180 per hour
S02 Supervision 3 months $150 per hour
S03 Supervision 6 months $145 per hour
S04 Students supervision per session $80 per hour
GST to be added


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