About Shiftwork Services

Since 1995 we have worked in partnership with a wide range of New Zealand organisations to improve health, safety and productivity in the 24/7 workplace.

Our solutions include smart roster design that takes into consideration business needs, staff preferences and safety requirements as well lifestyle training focusing on sleep and fatigue management.


Fiona Johnston

Registered Occupational Therapist, Key Note Speaker and Writer
Fiona Johnston has 20+ years of experience helping people manage sleep, fatigue, shiftwork and work-life balance in many industry sectors including aviation, transport, mining, health and manufacturing.

Her primary background is in occupational therapy where she has helped people with mental health problems, trauma and concussion, manage sleep and fatigue.

In 1995 she founded Shiftwork Services in order to combine scientific thinking about sleep and fatigue with practical know how to create safer workplaces. Achieving fast and inspiring results, Fiona has successfully worked with many companies including MPI, Spark, NZ Blood, Port of Tauranga, Office Max, Fonterra, New Zealand Deference Force and many others, teaching their staff the formula for a relaxing sleep.  Her work with Fonterra won the overall prize for well-being at 2018 Safeguard awards.

Fiona is a member of the Australian Sleep Association and New Zealand Occupational Therapy Association. Her book, Getting a Good Night’s Sleep, has sold over 10,000 copies and is available as a paperback, ebook and audiobook.




InterDynamics is an Australian-based software and supply chain simulation company and pioneers of the FAID® hours of work fatigue assessment tool.

Integrated Safety Support

Integrated Safety Support is Australia’s leading provider of fatigue risk management consulting and training services.

Sleep Well Clinic

The doctors and health professionals at the Sleep Well Clinic provide comprehensive assessment and treatment services for individuals suffering sleep disorders such as problematic snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, and parasomnias.


Fit For Duty

The team at Fit For Duty specialise in the assessment and treatment of sleep apnoea. For more information or to request a sleep study contact fiona@shiftwork.co.nz



Provention’s First Move programmes provide education and Train-Trainer packages so your staff can develop safe movement habits. This will enable them to do physical and sedentary activities without sustaining an injury. To arrange an appointment or direct referral contact fiona@shiftwork.co.nz.



WARN International

WARN International specialises in mind health (mental health), adapting swiftly to change (resiliency), enhanced communication and personal safety through online courses, keynote presentations and in-person workshop

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