About Shiftwork Services

We believe that shiftworkers face challenges that require solutions such as shiftwork lifestyle training, sleep and fatigue management and coaching. Since 1995 we have worked in partnership with New Zealand organisations to help improve health, safety and productivity in the 24/7 workplace.

Director - Fiona Johnston


Fiona Johnston is trained as an occupational therapist and has worked extensivley both in Britain and New Zealand. In 1995 Fiona founded Shiftwork Services - a business specialising in all aspects of managing shiftwork. She has partnered with InterDynamics to bring a biomathematical, risk-based approach to help organisations identify and manage fatigue risk. 

Apart from her clinical and corporate work Fiona has written a book, Getting A Good Night’s Sleep which is essential reading along with her other publications about coping with shiftwork. In addition to working with shiftworkers, Fiona provides assessments and plans for Auckland Concussion Services.  Fiona regularly speaks at conferences about sleep, fatigue, roster design and work-life balance. 


Business Development Manager - Melissa Fergusson.


An avid achiever with exceptional business development and networking capability, she holds an extensive credible history account managing multi-million dollar portfolios both here in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Melissa is a strategic and creative thinker who can drive initiatives forward in top gear; through conceptualisation, marketing, advertising, communications and the application of social media in the commercial world. Melissa in responsible for managing Shiftwork Services business development, social media and quality assurance.  


InterDynamics is an Australian-based software and supply chain simulation company and pioneers of the FAID® hours of work fatigue assessment tool. 

Integrated Safety Support
Integrated Safety Support is Australia's leading provider of fatigue risk management consulting and training services.

Sleep Well Clinic
The doctors and health professionals at the Sleep Well Clinic provide comprehensive assessment and treatment services for individuals suffering sleep disorders such as problematic snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, and parasomnias. 

Provention’s First Move programmes provide education and Train-Trainer packages so your staff can develop safe movement habits.  This will enable them to do physical and sedentary activities without sustaining an injury.

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