Here's what just a few of our clients had to say about us.

"Since working with Shiftwork Services we have identified our high risk fatigue times and successfully implemented a fatigue risk management system. The outcome has been increased safety of our pilots, reduced fuel usage and a safer happier workforce."

Graham Martin

"Thank you Fiona for working with us at Fonterra to develop a fatigue risk management system that meets our unique industry requirements. It was great to have your expertise and apply it to our industry in a collaborative way. You know your business and we know ours."

Simon Aykroyd - Driver Performance Assessor 

"It is important that shiftworkers receive good information about managing the shiftwork lifestyle in order to keep themselves and their colleagues safe. Thank you Fiona for providing our staff with excellent  information on this subject. 

Shiftwork Services has run seminars for Carter Holt Harvey shiftworkers in New Zealand and Australia. Our staff found the information of great benefit. The sessions were highly interactive and fun. This enabled each person to develop their own personalised shiftwork management plan."

Patrick Kirk
 formerly Health and Safety Manager Carter Holt Harvey

"Great information - managing fatigue is vital when you work in a mine. The most valuable information for us was a scientific understanding of the hours of work. This information enables us to identify high risk times so that we can put in countermeasures to help keep staff safe.

Thank you Shiftwork Services for working with us and teaching me to use a scientific method to assess hours of work. Taking the guess work out will help us develop a flexible Fatigue Risk Management System."

Roger Bain, Health and Safety Superintendent 
Oceana Gold