Simon Aykroyd
Driver Performance Assessor - Fonterra

Great that Fonterra came first in Safeguard Well-being Award 2016 for the work you did with us.

Thank you Fiona for working with us at Fonterra to develop a fatigue risk management system that meets our unique industry requirements. It was great to have your expertise and apply it to our industry in a collaborative way. You know your business and we know ours.

Roger Bain
Health and Safety Superintendent - Oceana Gold

Great information – managing fatigue is vital when you work in a mine. The most valuable information for us was a scientific understanding of the hours of work. This information enables us to identify high risk times so that we can put in countermeasures to help keep staff safe.

Thank you Shiftwork Services for working with us and teaching me to use a scientific method to assess hours of work. Taking the guess work out will help us develop a flexible Fatigue Risk Management System.

Patrick Kirk
Health and Safety Manager - Carter Holt Harvey

It is important that shiftworkers receive good information about managing the shiftwork lifestyle in order to keep themselves and their colleagues safe. Thank you Fiona for providing our staff with excellent information on this subject.

Shiftwork Services has run seminars for Carter Holt Harvey shiftworkers in New Zealand and Australia. Our staff found the information of great benefit. The sessions were highly interactive and fun. This enabled each person to develop their own personalised shiftwork management plan.

Case Clement
Major Incident Manger - Spark New Zealand

The shiftwork seminar last Monday night, was brilliant and informative.The team really got into what Fiona was talking about, and enjoyed the group exercises to keep the attention focused.

All important information. Fiona provided us with booklets and an email address should we have further questions. The team were so focused on the seminar that we ran over time by half an hour just asking questions to different scenarios. I would recommend any shift work team in Spark (day or night) at the very least attend a seminar once every year.

We also liked receiving a copy of Fiona’s book ‘Getting A Good Night’s Sleep’ for our library.

I would recommend that team leaders attend a workshop that is usually 2-3 hours for team guidance in rostered shifts. Shiftwork Services also provide a service where they audit your teams roster to ensure maximum productivity whilst reducing stress and fatigue levels. The team and I thank you for the opportunity, well worth the effort.

Brendan Vale
Specialist Advisor for Verification Services - Ministry for Primary Industries

Why we used Shiftwork Services – People I spoke to had used Shiftwork Services and after meeting with Fiona I felt this was going to deliver what we needed.

Fiona Johnston from Shiftwork Services was bought in to help the VS team develop a holistic approach to fatigue management.
During development it became apparent that the fatigue management system had the potential to be applied more broadly across MPI and so the Safety and Wellbeing team worked with the VS working group to develop the MPI Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). The FRMS includes a range of elements including policies and procedures, FAID diagnostic tool, risk/hazard analysis, training, supporting resources, reporting, incident investigation and internal auditing.

The information was great and we have a great start to developing a fatigue risk management plan.

Fantastic that this project was entered into the 2018 Safeguard Wellbeing Awards.

Graham Martin
Graham Martin - SuperAir

Since working with Shiftwork Services we have identified our high risk fatigue times and successfully implemented a fatigue risk management system. The outcome has been increased safety of our pilots, reduced fuel usage and a safer happier workforce.

Tom Duly
Tom Duly - Ambulance Service Paramedic , Dorset

Fatigue Matters. Fiona Johnston visiting from New Zealand headed a seminar yesterday evening to Dorset Paramedics. The session was informative and would be of benefit to anyone involved in shift work both managerial and staff and suitable for hospitals, drivers, pilots, industry, emergency services etc.

Subjects covered- what is fatigue, how can we manage it, fatigue risk, safe rostering, understanding sleep, balancing lifestyle and ideas through better sleep, nutrition and exercise.

All attendees gained new knowledge from this seminar and believe it will help them in the tough world that shiftwork is. I believe that this would be beneficial to those starting out in new careers as well as people already working within it. It could help to provide a more productive and safer work force too.

The evening was very interesting and the discussions helped us all have a greater understanding of something we do on a weekly basis and battle against it. With new found knowledge I believe those attending will now be better equipped to deal with shift work.

David Rollinson
David Rollinson - MPI

Thanks for coming down. The two courses were well received and they key was your delivery and content. The feedback has been great from new and existing Christchurch / Queenstown staff. They said it was engaging, informative, relevant, practical and potentially life changing.

Simon May
Simon May - HR Business Partner, Nestle

Thank you Fiona for visiting Nestle in Marton. The staff and managers are committed to addressing fatigue issues and you gave us great information, an ability to assess fatigue risk in a systematic way and show us how to use validated tools to identify and manage risk. What was particularly helpful was working with staff to help them develop The 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success and consider ways of getting everyone involved including staff, unions and managers in this vital safety initiative. You were brilliant.

Rachel Olsen
Manager - Office Max

Hi Fiona,

Thank you so much for coming in and delivering Living with Shiftwork and 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success. Ced and I had a catch up later on in the evening and it’s great to know we’re already seeing positive changes being made. I have to say it is noticeable just looking at the team as well from how they looked even just a month ago to last night.

Thank you also for sending through access to the resources which we will definately be using. I will be meeting with the team this week to set a plan for how we will keep the momentum going and what support the business can provide for this.

Pete Wallis
NOC Engineer - Power & Building Services, Astrometeorology & Seismology Team

Train the Trainer in 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success was enjoyable and informative. Great participation by everyone.

Uttam Punj
Chief Scientist - Northern Pathology Victoria

Thank you for your presentation this week. It was fantastic.

Kylie Clayton
Health and Safety Manager - Caterpillar

Thank you Fiona for a fantastic suite of tools you gave us at the Marcus Evans Shiftwork and Rostering Conference Melbourne – I love your workshop – it was interactive, and helped with actionable steps.