Train the Trainer – Living with Shiftwork and 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success®

This workshop is for shiftworkers and health professionals who would like a structured approach, and a tool box to support their colleagues to manage shiftwork better.

Full-day workshop

Morning Session

  • Why is shiftwork different to day work?
  • Overview of causes and risks of workplace fatigue
  • Sleep architecture and the impact of working shifts
  • The 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success® (using a sleep menu, selecting alertness strategies, keeping active and managing work-life balance.)


Afternoon Session 

  • What makes a good trainer?
  • Basic training / mentoring skills to help get the message across
  • Ethical considerations
  • Setting goals and using measurable outcomes

This workshop will help participants have structured conversations about managing shiftwork, sleep and alertness. Assessments and information sheets are included to help participants deliver information with confidence.

Those wanting to obtain a certificate of competency can enroll in the Shiftwork Services Mentor Programme which includes ongoing training, support, and a knowledge test.

Join the mentoring programme

  • Unlimited access to The Vault for templates, handouts and booklets
  • Discounts on Shiftwork Services publications
  • Access to Shiftwork Services for additional support as required

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