S.A.F.E sleep and fatigue education

5 Benefits of Getting A Good Sleep

Sleep is essential for good health. In fact, we need sleep to survive just like we need food and water and we spend about one-third of our life sleeping. Why is getting enough sleep important? 1 Sleep can boost your immune system. Scientific evidence is building that sleep has powerful effects on immune functioning. Studies…

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Living with Shiftwork

Our workshop Living With Shiftwork has been running since 1995. It has undergone multiple changes as science has evolved, measurable outcomes are utilised and shiftworkers themselves are taught how to deliver the session. To help bring this to your workplace we now have it available via ZOOM – and groups are kept small to facilitate…

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Tips and Tricks to Survive Shiftwork

Transcript from podcast in which Dr Louise Kuegler from The Good Fellow Unit – Interviews director of Shiftwork Services, Fiona Johnston. Overview of Podcast: At some point in a health professionals, training or career shift-work will be required. 50% of shift workers will leave their position within the first six months, as they are unable…

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