What is Fatigue and Does it Matter?

Many industries rely on workers being physically and mentally alert however workplace fatigue is on the rise as people work longer hours often under increasingly difficult conditions and stress brought about by COVID-19. This article explores common causes of fatigue and offers key recommendations for managers and staff. What is fatigue? Fatigue is a state…

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Managing Worry and Anxiety During a Global Pandemic

Since lockdown in New Zealand on 26th March 2020 many shiftworkers are now working longer and harder than ever to keep our essential services going. For that we are all truly grateful. The cost for many however, is increased worry, anxiety and fatigue. This may be due to additional work demands, working from home, uncertainty…

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Staying Awake On The Night Shift

Anyone who works night shift knows how hard it can be to focus and stay awake. At Shiftwork Services we recommend three key areas that can help you on night shift. Manage Yourself. Make sure you have plenty of sleep prior to working at night. While on night shift use alertness strategies including: keep moving, eat…

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