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Shiftwork, Fatigue and Rostering Solutions

Shiftwork Services provides practical solutions and expertise related to the challenges of the 24/7 work place. These challenges include: managing fatigue, rostering for enhanced safety and performance as well as coping with the 24/7 lifestyle. 

Shiftwork Services provides leading edge technology, training, clinical services and practical know how to help organisations optimise their 24/7 work place.   

Training and Consulting

We provide a range of workshops and seminars as well as a consulting service to address the health, safety and performance needs of shiftworkers. These include shiftwork lifestyle training, healthy eating seminars, roster design, policy development and fatigue risk management systems (FRMS).

Read more about training here.

Sleep Service

In association with the Sleep Well Clinic we provide home-based sleep testingclinical consultations, and a full range of treatment options for snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. Sleep Well Clinics are available throughout New Zealand. 

Read more about Sleep Service here.

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