What is Fatigue and Does it Matter?

Many industries rely on workers being physically and mentally alert however workplace fatigue is on the rise as people work longer hours often under increasingly difficult conditions and stress brought about by COVID-19. This article explores common causes of fatigue and offers key recommendations for managers and staff. What is fatigue? Fatigue is a state…

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Breathing Exercise to De-Stress   

Breathing Exercise to De-Stress    There are many breathing exercises you can do which can help you to relax and de-stress, but also improve your lung function, particularly if you’ve suffered from a recent respiratory illness. Equally if you play regular sport, improved lung capacity will benefit your exercise tolerance. In short, breathing exercises can benefit everyone…

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Can Mindfulness Help You Sleep?

Have you ever wondered what mindfulness is and how to use it to help you sleep? If you have read on. This blog gives you the nuts and bolts about what mindfulness is as well as a four step plan you can use straight away to help you sleep better, feel better and work better.…

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