Staff and Management Training

Living with Shiftwork 

This workshop provides vital information around managing shiftwork and fatigue. We will also teach your teams the 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success®.  Our most popular course, Living with Shiftwork has been completed by over 12,000 shiftworkers.  


  • Why is shiftwork different to day work?
  • Overview of causes and risks of workplace fatigue
  • Sleep architecture and the impact of working shifts
  • Developing a personalised action plan using The 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success®

Pillar 1 – Managing sleep day or night
Pillar 2 – Occupational alertness, including The Power of The Smart Nap, using food to stay alert and tuning up the senses
Pillar 3 – Keeping active, including how to keep motivated and what is practical when working around the clock
Pillar 4 – Work-life balance, finding time for you, family, and leisure activities.

Roster Design – Balancing business needs with safety concerns and personal preferences 

By the end of this workshop participants will have a process and the relevant tools to implement a new roster or seamlessly make changes to an existing roster.
  • Three key components of a quality roster
  • Working out the business needs, health and safety requirements and staff preferences
  • Assessing the risk profiles of the individuals and the organisation
  • How to predict and measure fatigue using a validated biomathematical approach
  • Pros and cons of roster patterns including length and timing of shifts
  • Seamlessly manage the roster change process
  • Round table discussion and action plan


Getting A Good Sleep

Sleep is fundamental to physical and mental health – yet many of us just don’t get enough sleep. This workshop explores the value of a good sleep, common barriers to getting the sleep we need and provides a formula to develop a personal sleep plan.


  • What is sleep and why do we need it
  • Benefits of a good sleep
  • Common sleeping disorders and what to do about them
  • Action plan for a restful sleep


Safe, Healthy Productive Shiftworkers – Masterclass.

Key information about managing the unique challenges faced by shiftworking organisations including managing fatigue, best practice roster design and the role of training to help keep your shiftworking teams safe, healthy, and productive.  

Download Masterclass pdf HERE.


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