Fatigue Risk Assessment Software


Is an effective and efficient tool for the analysis of planned or actual hours of work.

Benefits include:

  • Insights about the ability of personnel to gain adequate sleep to reduce fatigue
  • Clear identification of potential fatigue ‘hotspots’ to help target risk controls
  • Compare schedule options in a quantitative way to reduce the emotional assessment of work patterns that are common


Is an assessment tool used to help identify fatiigue risks in the workplace. It is used to create a collective view of actual fatigue-related risk exposures, controls and opportunities for improvement.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient but detailed analysis of critical fatigue-related risks on-site as well as commuting or travel when relevant
  • Engagement and capability building of Fatigue Management within critical operational and management stakeholders
  • Completion of a risk profile baseline to monitor progress as fatigue Management initiatives are implemented

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