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4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success

Join me and find out how the 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success® can help you, your family and your team.

I will provide a brief overview about The 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success® which are sleep, alertness, physical activity and work-life balance. We will go into more detail about sleep, including how much sleep you need, is a day sleep as good as a night sleep, how to improve quality and quantity sleep and the use of power naps.

After the session I will be available to discuss any other shiftworking issues including roster design, hours of work, on-call and overtime. If you want to know if your roster is a good one ask about using a scientifically validated way of measuring the impact of your roster on fatigue.

Resources to help you will be available including my book Getting A Good Night’s Sleep (20% off usual price) and access to online tools.

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