Living with Shiftwork

Incorporating the 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success®

This workshop has been running since 1995 and been completed by over 12,000 shiftworkers.

This is our most popular workshop. It is for all shiftworkers and their families. It is packed with tips and current research about sleep, fatigue and managing work-life balance. Participants receive a booklet so they can review information later, and they will have opportunity to develop their own personalised shiftwork management plan which is based on science but flexible to meet individual preferences. Coaching is available for participances who need additional assistance.

- What is fatigue, and why it matters 

- Why is shiftwork more fatiguing than day work?

- The role of sleep and how to get more of it

- Effective use of alertness strategies

- Improving health by eating for shiftwork and keeping your body active

- Managing work-life balance as a shiftworker

- Developing a personalised action plan to sleep well, feel good and work safely.

"This is brilliant. Useful, informative and relevant in every way - our staff loved the interactive style and personal shiftwork management plan. " Case Clement - After Hours Incident Manager. SPARK

Booking details
Duration:3.5 hours

Fee: $500 + GST Per person 
Group concessions apply
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