The 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success®

advice-advise-advisor-6385.jpgThis programme is for shiftworkers so they have knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver The 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success® to other shiftworkers in their organisation.

They will learn key information that every shiftworker needs to know about sleep management, alertness strategies, physical activity and work-life balance. They will also learn about employer and employee responsibilities to manage workplace fatigue.

The last part of the day is dedicated to enabling trainers to get the message across, inspiring all shiftworkers in your organisation to turn knowledge into habits so they can be safe, healthy and productive. We expect this will increase all around safety, reduce incidents, accidents and absenteeism and increase productivity. 

The day is interactive, there will be short seminars, break out groups, videos and group discussions.

Participants will have the opportunity to join our 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success Community which provides a teleconference meeting once per month in a group situation to discuss ideas, success, problems, concerns and solutions as well as access to support documents, discounts on our books and unlimited access to Shiftwork Services to discuss specific issues and concerns.

Facilitator - Fiona Johnston

This workshop is facilitated by Fiona Johnston. Fiona has been working with shiftworkers and their managers since 1995. She is the author of Getting a Good Night's Sleep which has sold over 8,000 copies, A Handbook for People Who Work Nights, which is used in many organisations as part of their induction material and an eBook sponsored by ACC about eating well for a shiftwork lifestyle. 

She regularly speaks at conferences, writes articles and runs seminars about all aspects of shiftworker wellbeing. Her work with Fonterra was awarded overall best initiative for wellbeing at The New Zealand Workplace Safeguard Awards and her work with MPI was nominated for this award. 

Registration 6 December from 8:15am - 9:00am start.

red-arrow.pngIntroduction. What is shiftwork and why is it different to day work? 


red-arrow.pngThe 4 Pillars of Shiftwork Success

- SLEEP. How much sleep do you need, consequences of poor sleep, how to get to sleep and stay asleep and managing sleep patterns

- ALERTNESS. Understanding a range of alertness strategies, which ones work best and in what situation

- PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Review of benefits of exercise and how to keep active when working shifts

- WORK-LIFE BALANCE. Is this possible for a shiftworker? We think it is!


red-arrow.pngEmployer and Employee Responsibilities

- HOURS OF WORK. Trainers will have an understanding of the impact of hours of work, overtime and on-call

- WORKER FATIGUE. Trainers will be able to identify fatigue in themselves and others and have a plan to manage concerns

- WORK ENVIRONMENT. Trainers will have knowledge of at least 3 ways to improve the work environment for shiftworkers


red-arrow.pngTurning Knowledge about The 4 Pillars into Habits and a Way of Life. 

 - COMMUNICATION. Trainers will learn about active listening to help promote The 4 Pillars

- SET GOALS. Trainers will learn to set SMART goals using The 4 Pillars, for themselves and encourage colleagues to do the same

- FOCUS. Trainers will learn how to help colleagues keep focused and achieve their SMART 4 Pillar Goals.  


 red-arrow.pngGetting the Whole Team Involved 

- MEETINGS. Trainers will learn to deliver 'The 4 Pillars' at tool box meetings and staff  meetings as well as discuss and present outcomes at management meetings

- RESOURCES. Trainers will know where to find reliable resources including books, Ted Talks, websites, videos

- MOTIVATION. Trainers will be encouraged to think of 3 great ways to keep the whole team motivated and engaged.  


 red-arrow.pngRound Table Discussion and Action Plan - 4:00pm 

red-arrow.pngClose - 5:00pm