Our train the trainer course is designed to provide participants with the proper knowledge, techniques and materials to successfully teach others how to manage sleep and workplace fatigue.

This is an eight hour program. The first six hours cover the basics of what every trainer needs to know about managing sleep and workplace fatigue. There are two follow up sessions to review progress and make sure information is helpful and relevant.


- Trainers will receive educational materials including books and PPT presentations.. They will also receive a certificate of completion. 

- Having an onsite trainer means information is available when it is needed - for example as part of the company annual training, when employing new staff and when staff report issues with sleep and fatigue

- This program demonstrates staff and management's commitment to managing workplace fatigue

- Organisations enrolled in this programme will have discounts on all other products and services including books, coaching and consulting.


- Sleep and fatigue education for shiftworkers

- Employers and employees responsibilities

- Teaching and coaching skills to help get the message across

- Review of educational material and resources