Sleep Service

We provide a clinical service throughout New Zealand to shiftworkers in association with the doctors and health professional from The Sleep Well Clinic.


The doctors at the Sleep Well Clinic have long-standing special interest in sleep medicine, and have received special training in this field. The consultation will help us to understand what's going on so we can get the right treatment for you.

Sleep Test

The Sleep Well Clinic staff perform a wide range of home sleep tests for sleep apnoea, sleep/wake cycles, restless legs, and other sleep disorders. Not all patients need a test, but when indicated, the test will help select the best treatment.


A wide range of treatments for a variety of sleep disorders are available at the Sleep Well Clinic. Clinical treatment includes cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia, mandibular advancement splints for snoring and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy for sleep apnoea. 


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