Sleep Clinic

We provide a clinical service throughout New Zealand to shiftworkers in association with the doctors and health professionals from The Sleep Well Clinic.


Depending on the nature of your sleep problem you will either see an occupational therapist experienced in managing sleep problems or one of the specialists at the Sleep Well Clinic who have long-standing special interest in sleep medicine, and have received special training in this field.  

Sleep Test

The Sleep Well Clinic staff perform a wide range of home sleep tests for sleep apnoea, sleep/wake cycles, restless legs, and other sleep disorders. Not all patients need a test, but when indicated, the test will help select the best treatment.

 Broken sleep
 Day sleep
 Falling asleep at work
 Nodding off when driving
 Body clock problems
 Power napping
 Relaxation / self hypnosis to help sleep
 Managing a busy mind for a better sleep
 Sleep apnoea
 Food for sleep
 Sleep patterns
 Sleep apps

Sleep Clinic News

Sep 30, 2019


Author - Fiona Johnston Sticking to a healthy sleep pattern can be tough for anyone but for shiftworkers is just about impossible. Working nights, on call, and early starts all upset the body clock and increase the risk of physical health problems, mental health issues accidents and incidents.