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Fonterra wins the best initiative for wellbeing award with help from Shiftwork Services

Ministry for Primary Industries Fatigue Risk Management Programme

Ministry for Primary Industries, Fatigue in the Field, recommended for Safeguard Awards

SPARK enjoys a shiftwork seminar - read what they had to say. 


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Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Author - Fiona Johnston

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Author - Fiona Johnston

Shiftwork Handbook

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003 - Free nutrition booklets to print yourself

Eat Smart for Drivers 

Eat Smart for Shiftwork


004 - Assessments and facts sheets

Shiftwork Symptom Check List

Sleep Diary

Work Diary

Fatigue Profile

Fatigue Risk Management Policy Check List

Event Evaluation Form

Work - Life Balance Questionnaire


005 - Free posters to print yourself

Shiftwork Success

Sleep Tips for Shiftworkers