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Training and Consulting

Shiftwork Services can provide on-site training and consulting about all aspects of shiftwork management from staff wellness programmes, and clinics through to rostering and policy development. 

Our most popular training sessions are listed below. These are usually presented as an interactive workshop in which there is opportunity to review industry specific issues and develop an in depth action plan. 

If finding time is an issue a 90 minute Key Point Seminar can introduce your team to relevant issues and provide tools and resources to help initiate a targeted action plan.

Living with Shiftwork  

This workshop is for all shiftworkers and their families 

This is our most popular workshop. Over 10 thousand shiftworkers have completed this workshop.

Productivity, safety and health are compromised by fatigue. Shiftworkers experience more fatigue than the rest of the population due to impact of sleep debt and working when they are supposed to be sleeping.

This workshop is packed with vital information about sleep strategies, staying awake at night and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


  1. Why is shiftwork different to day work
  2. Understanding the human body clock
  3. Identifying fatigue and using countermeasures
  4. Food and the shiftworker - a different way of thinking
  5. Keeping fit inspite of your shift
  6. Getting a good sleep   
  7. Balancing home and work life

"Our staff found this workshop enlightening and informative – staff are more aware of the issues and they are aware of the adjustments needed to make as a consequence of the shiftwork life-style. I have no doubt that a less fatigued work force will be safer and more productive."

 Jo Anna Partridge - Winemaker Pernod Ricard New Zealand

Fatigue Matters  

This workshop is for anyone intersted in managing workplace fatigue 

This workshop introduces participants to the global problem of fatigue and what staff and managers can do to mitigate risk. This includes learning a scientific way to measure the impact of hours of work.


  1. What is fatigue and why fatigue matters
  2. What the individual can do to minimise the impact of fatigue
  3. What organisations can do to reduce fatigue risk 
  4. A scientific way to assess hours of work so you can plan rosters, on call and over time with confidence
  5. Fatigue and the law
  6. Developing a fatigue risk management system (FRMS)

" I found the workshop of great interest. The scientific view of assessing hours of work will be a huge benefit to our pilots who need to understand fatigue in order to be safe in the sky."  

Dave Walley Chief Pilot - Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Getting A Good Sleep 

This workshop is for anyone who would like to sleep better 

This workshop is supported by Dr Alex Bartle and The Sleep Well Clinic.

Many workers have told us that one of the biggest challenges they face is getting a good sleep. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep, (where they sleep but wake up un-refreshed) makes them feel tired, less productive, more prone to accidents and more likely to take time off work. 

A sleepy and tired employee can be just as dangerous to your company or organization as an alcohol-impaired one. 

This workshop focuses on the benefits of sleep and strategies to sleep well.  


  1. What happens when we sleep 
  2. What happens to sleep when we work nights
  3. The benefits of sleeping well including better health, safer work and losing weight
  4. Common sleep problems including how to sleep in the day, insomnia, snoring and sleep apnoea
  5. Sleep solutions 

See Dr Bartle from the Sleep Well Clinic - TV3 video clip here.

What to Eat  

This workshop is for shiftworkers who want to eat well and use food to help stay healthy and well. 

Did you know that shiftworkers eat more junk food, consume more caffeine and are more likely to consume sugary drinks than the rest of the population? Take a look around and see what your colleagues are eating. 

This workshop provides the vital information staff need to help eat the nutritious foods that will feed the brain and keep them focused at work and help them to sleep well. 


  1. Eating for maximum energy
  2. How food affects your mood and sleep
  3. Hydration – how it helps
  4. Caffeine – how much is too much
  5. Eating at the best time for your body clock

This Right Roster  

This workshop is for anyone involved with planning and designing a roster 

The Right Roster is our most comprehensive workshop on the subject of shiftwork and roster design. Innovative rostering techniques and improvements can enhance the safety and performance of shiftworkers while maximizing operational efficiency.

Implementing the best fit roster for your staff and unique industry requirements will provide a  high return on investment, due to the high costs associated with absenteeism, human error, overtime, accidents, incidents and fatigue.

This workshop will give you the necessary information and tools to help you develop the right roster for your staff and your industry.


  1. Rostering for safety and performance
  2. Meeting the business needs and the staff needs
  3. Using software to scientifically measure the impact of hours of work
  4. Pros and cons of different roster patterns
  5. Managing change 

Driver Fatigue  

This workshop is for people who drive trucks or trains for a living 

This workshop will give you the necessary information and tools to help you develop the right roster for your staff and your industry.


  1. What is driver fatigue
  2. Recognising fatigue in yourself and others
  3. Understanding the risks
  4. Using alertness statrtagies - knowing which ones work 
  5. Getting a Good Sleep




A workshop about thinking 

This workshop is for shiftworkers who want to improve their ability to think more clearly   


  1. What is thinking and why does working shifts interfere with our ability to think  
  2. What happens at work when we can't think clearly
  3. Understanding aspects of thinking - attention, information processing, memory and executive function  
  4. Ways to  improve executive function. 

All workshops and seminars are customised to meet your specific organisational requirements. They are lively, interactive and participants develop their own personalised action plan.  

For staff or management training or consulting talk to us!

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